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Human-in-the-Loop AI

Cutting Edge AI Integrations with a Human Touch

Custom AI solutions to keep you ahead of the competition.


AI tools for business, by humans

Open Source AI solutions independent of the Cloud

Build and Deploy Custom AI Tools with Ease

Deploy custom AI workflows with GPTBuddy's conversational Process Optimization Engine based on cutting edge Tree-of-Thoughts AI capabilities.

AI the Right Way

Local, Open Source

Traditional AI products harvest your business data to make their AI more powerful.

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Put AI to work for you, not Big Tech.

Track your business processes 

Save time with custom AI integrations

Scale your business with Open Source AI

A Cloud agnostic Fractal Network architecture to deliver robust data privacy and security via a novel decentralized edge computing network.

Why GPTBuddy?

Empowering Small Businesses with an Edge: Safely and Responsibly Deploying Open Source AI Systems

Community & Open Source Powered

Open source AI is outpacing proprietary, closed source AI.

Adapt quickly to adopt the safest and most effective AI solutions before corporate and regulatory gatekeepers emerge. 

Process, not Prompts

Go beyond prompts with GPTBuddy's Tree-of-Thoughts process engine

Enable your organization to train its own models collaboratively.

Evaluate cutting edge models without any of the hassle.

Image by Luke Chesser

Privacy First Platform

Powered by a decentralized end-to-end encrypted messaging protocol called Matrix

Privacy Shield

Self-host models

End-to-end encrypted chat

Datacenter-less Apps

For Developers

A universal API for next-generation generative AI models

Join a growing ecosystem of developers who understand that Generative AI cannot be another winner-take-all Silicon Valley based monopoly.


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Our Users

Why do our users love GPTBuddy?

"I didn't realize how big AI was until I tried GPTBuddy."

Augment your workflow with AI tools built by humans that are working to ensure AI will always serve the interest of humanity and not the other way around. 

Mo Balaa
Founder CEO / Fractal Networks

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